Earth Day Special Sale: 5% discount on Remanufactured products!

Let's celebrate together the Earth day!  It's a very important day to think about environment and waste reduction and we firmly believe that our earth must be preserved as long as we can.

For this reason we're pleased to announce that during the Earth day week: from 22nd to 26th of April all our remanufactured toner and ink-jet cartridges will be sold with a 5% discount.

Go green and save the 5% discount on the full Ecoservice remanufactured product catalogue ! 

Earth Day discount will be applied by Ecoservice Sales Representatives in the e-mail order confirmation for:

1.  Orders received from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th April

2. Orders received by the E-commerce platform

3. Items that are not already under promotion

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For more information contact your trusted Ecoservice sales representative.

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