HP 903/913/953/973/976/981/991 Inkjet Cartridges: Important Firmware Update

HP has released new generation chips for the following inkjet cartridge series: 903 / 913 / 953 / 973 / 976 / 981 / 991

From December 1, 2020 or sooner new firmware for the machines will also be made available to download.

The firmware update will invalidate the use of the previous generation chips.

To avoid any cartridge recognition issues, we strongly suggest you to immediately inform your customers to not proceed with the recommended firmware update.

How to fix the problem?

We are working to have soon the new generation chips and sell you only updated products.

Since a transition period may occur, we ensure you that Ecoservice products will be recognize and properly work on all printers without the new firmware.

For more information, when purchasing these items, please contact your Ecoservice sales representative.

Thanks for the attention