HP CF500 / 510/530/540: Important Firmware Update Information

At the end of October, some HP color machines that are equipped with toner cartridges for the CF500 / 510/530/540 Series underwent a Firmware update which may invalidate the use of non-original products.

The firmware update may therefore involve our following articles:

TOHPCF530 / 1/2/3 A
TOHPCF540 / 1/2/3 A / X

The latest Firmware available is dated 21.10.2020

Not all machines running the aforementioned series were affected by the update.

We therefore invite you to deactivate the automatic update mode and to invite the end user to do the same.

Anyone who has installed the consumables and encounters problems with the machine can proceed to downgrade the firmware (see instructions below) (video tutorial)*

For more information, when ordering these items, we invite you to make contact
with your Ecoservice Sales Representative.

Thanks for the attention

*Source: USCutter Videos Youtube Channel