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The Office of the future turns "green": thanks to ink-jet printing.

A recent IDC Research, the leading US market research firm, has highlighted how the use of new ink-jet printers in the office (three-years period, 2016-2018) has increased at the expense of toner printers.

Sales of ink-jet printers already account for 30% of the market today and it is estimated that by 2019 they will reach a share of over 40%.

But what are the reasons for this paradigm shift? The reason is simple and it's all about a "green" turn.

Compared to laser solutions, in fact, ink-jet printers:

  • allow savings of up to 50% on the cost per page,
  • significantly reduce maintenance intervention times on machines (up to 98%)
  • allow energy consumption to be reduced by up to 95%
  • break down over 90% of waste production.

In Ecoservice we have been following carefully this market dynamic and we have developed products capable of allowing the consumer to further increase the advantages of new ink-jet printing technologies.

Ecoservice ink-jets are renewed through the use of original empties and the use of chips that indicate ink levels so to keep printer consumption under control at all times. Remanufaturing takes place by controlling each phase of the reconstruction and testing every product released from processing.

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