Store Displays

Many customers ask our support to make their business more appealing. So they want to study with us sized retailer store display solutions for EcoService products. We have developed during the years different displays, according  to customers’ needs: one solution includes only “Laser Toner cartridges  Floor Display” or only “Ink-Jet cartridges Floor Display” or even mixed solutions with both categories of products. 

The customer is free to choose the products that perfectly match with its business purposes or he can rely on our expertise to develop a complete and comprehensive display of products according to our market demand’ studies.  

We have several Starter Kit solutions, if you want to know more, please, contact our Sales department.


New floor display (2017)

The new Ecoservice display is lightweight, functional and easy to carry. Completely made with recycled materials and with Paper & Fold technology combines design and the concept of "eco-sustainability" that has always distinguished us. In addition it allows a complete customization of the layout with the distinctive signs of the customer.

Data sheet

  • Construction materials: cardboard, wood
  • Overall height: 190 cm
  • Crowner Height: 30 cm
  • Base height: 160 cm
  • Width: 85 cm
  • Weight: 3 Kg ca (5 kg ca. with wooden base)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 195x65x10 cm ca

Containment capacity:

  • Up to 150 standard inkjet cartridges (with hooks)
  • Up to 12 toner cartridges (on shelves)


Figure 1 - Front View

Figure 2 - Exterior side

Figure 3 - Customizable spaces