Culture of reuse

The Ecoservice company has placed the environment at the heart of its operation process. With its activities of cartridge remanufacturing, in fact, it contributes to a growing culture of sustainability through the promotion of recycling and reuse. The use of remanufactured toners and cartridges is one of the actions that everyone can take to make printing more responsible. The regeneration of cartridges is a process through which the exhausted printer cartridges are recycled to a new use. From replacing the worn out parts and reusing the boxes we can obtain a product that is comparable to the original one in terms of durability and quality. The reuse of a remanufactured cartridge avoids the production of a new cartridge, optimizes the use of energy and natural resources and ensures a 40% cost savings compared to the original cartridges. The reuse significantly reduces the emission of pollutants and assumes a special ecological value, taking into account the continuous increase in quantity of cartridges consumed across the planet. The Ecoservice recycles all used cartridges collected through processes with ISO 14001 certification, which ensures the compliance with the environmental regulations and the systematic improvement of the corporate management with regard to the control of the environmental impacts of the company activities. For Ecoservice helping and  protecting the environment by recycling and then regenerating the cartridge is a real value and benefit to a genuinely sustainable development.