Recycling program

The Ecoservice makes the entire production process for the regeneration of cartridges within the company to have maximum control over all phases of production, thus ensuring a high quality product. Regenerating a cartridge properly involves a complex activity that requires a prepared and flexible organization that is able to cope with the amount and heterogeneity of models on the market. The quality of the raw materials and the technologies used as well as the experience of a technical staff motivated to continuous professional development, are strategic for the optimal success of the product. The process of regeneration or recycling of the cartridges takes place in several successive stages. After the collection phase, we shall inspect the used material on the basis of strict standards before it is sent to the production department, where the stage of sorting and classification takes place. In this phase all empty cartridges are sorted and classified and only the cartridges of the highest quality are used again in order to ensure the highest quality of the final product. Then, we proceed to the phase of separation and cleaning in which each cartridge is disassembled and carefully cleaned, worn parts are replaced and then the toner or ink is refilled before receiving the final sealing. At the end of the manufacturing process every cartridge is tested on its printer to check the functionality, quality and durability of print (using the method STMC recognized worldwide as a standard model to test the cartridges). All cartridges are subjected to a final inspection to ensure the compliance with our stringent quality standards. They are then cleaned, polished, sealed in a hot-resistant, anti-static bag and put in a box with the instructions and the warranty. This allows to recognize a full guarantee on Ecoservice products for the optimum protection of our customers.