Collecting and selling empty cartridges

Raccolta e Vendita vuoti EcoserviceEcoservice is an authorized company to collect, transport and deal with non-hazardous waste (all cartridges empties fall into this category).

Cartridges regeneration means to pay particular attention to environmental issues, promoting an environmentally-sound disposal of used cartridges, and create a reuse awareness.

Ecoservice collects used cartridges directly with its staff by providing corporations or companies with appropriate collection boxes (ECOBOX) to deposit exhausted materials, and releasing all the documents (forms) for proper waste disposal.

The empties that come in our warehouse are selected according to the various types, checked one by one to verify the integrity to input them into the production process, and packed in cartons.

Ecoservice has constantly a wide availability of ready to work empty cartridges to support its production and to sale to other regeneration companies.

The empty is therefore a key element of the whole cartridge remanufacturing industry.

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