HP: Firmware downgrade procedure

Those who need to perform the Firmware Downgrade for HP printers find below the instructions and a list of "downgrades" for different models.

Procedures are the same for all printer models below.

1. Enter the menu: "Printer settings"

2. Click on "Support"

3. "Laserjet Update"

4. "Manage Updates"

5. Set the status to "Disabled" or "Off"

6. "Allow Updates", set "Yes"

7. "Ask before inst.", Set "Always ask"

8. "Allow Downgrade", set: "Yes"

9. Download the downgrade of your interest from those listed

10. Extract and open the file of your interest

11. Select the printer to update and click "Send Firmware"

12. Once downgraded go back to: Settings / Support / Laserjet Update / Allow Updates

13. Set "No" to prevent future updates.